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Pilgrimage is prayer

A place of pilgrimage is a place of prayer. 

Welcome to all of you who have come as pilgrims to pray at the Shrine of the Mother of Perpetual Help of Baclaran.

Many times a year you make your way to a church nearby. But on extraordinary occasions like this, you choose to make a longer journey. A pilgrimage is an extraordinary form of prayer. An experience that you will not easily forget.

A famous writer Evelyn Waugh spoke of the Mexican people on their pilgrimage to the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico. “No one begins any business, no one enters marriage, no one buys a new house, undergoes major surgery - and no one plans any major move in their lives without first consulting the Virgin of Guadalupe.”

You have chosen to come with your family and friends on pilgrimage to the Virgin of Baclaran for some special purpose. We are praying that the Blessed  Mother will obtain for you all that you hope for.

In choosing Baclaran as your place of pilgrimage, you come to a special place. Baclaran is like no other - a place of intense prayer and a home of miracles.

Baclaran is the home of the Perpetual Novena. When you pray here, your prayers are linked to the prayers of millions of devotees all over the Philippines. Millions of people make their way here each year because they know their prayers will be answered. A multitude of  thanksgiving letters starting from 1948 bear witness to the fact that this beautiful shrine is a place of miracles.

The Shrine of the Mother of Perpetual Help has national importance.  Evelyn Waugh again: “Those who make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Guadalupe with no special purpose go there just to assure themselves that the Virgin is there. And when they see that  the Virgin is in her place, they are assured that all will be well with Mexico.”

High on her throne above the altar, the Mother of Perpetual Help looks down upon her children who come to venerate her. As  taong bahay to the nation, she assures her childrenthat she is in her proper place, always keeping watch over her country, over the children who have taken her as their own mother. All is well in Baclaran; all will be well with the Philippines

Few contract workers leave for abroad who do not carry with them the image of the Mother of Perpetual Help. A visit to Baclaran prior to boarding their aircraft is a must for Filipinos. On their return, they visit the Shrine to thank the Lady for bringing them safely home.

We want your pilgrimage to be as profitable as possible. As guardians of the shrine, we welcome you.  Let us guide you on your journey and help you reach your goal. We look forward to serving you.

FR.JOEYMay God bless you and protect you.

Through the intercession of Our Mother Perpetual Help,


Rev. Fr. Joseph Echan, CSsR